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We are happy to announce that in Episode #2 of TRI Academy's Online Seminar Series, the following speakers will be presenting:

Sven Vanneste, Ireland: "What is buzzing? The systems neuroscience of tinnitus"

Recent findings support the hypothesis that the perception of tinnitus is associated with the activation of a central neural network with multiple inputs and outputs, including auditory, perceptual, affective, and attention components. In this presentation I will focus on the main principles underlying tinnitus and its mechanisms.The major neurophysiological tinnitus models including the deafferentation model and the noise-cancelling mode will be discussed as well as the integration of these models into global triple network model that generalize these approaches.

Arnaud Noreña, France: "Changes in the spatio-temporal pattern of spontaneous activity in the auditory cortex of guinea pig after noice-induced hearing loss"

The session will be moderated by Anusha Mohan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. After welcoming remarks, each session will include two 20-minute talks. Questions from the audience for both talks will be moderated towards the end of the session. 

Participation is for free - but registration is mandatory! Please register here.

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