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Episode #1

Berthold Langguth, Germany: “A brain and pain based tinnitus definition”

Roshni Biswas, USA: "The knowns and unknowns of tinnitus epidemiology"


Episode #2

Sven Vanneste, Ireland: "What is buzzing? The systems neuroscience of tinnitus"

Arnaud Noreña, France: "Changes in the spatio-temporal pattern of spontaneous activity in the auditory cortex of guinea pig after noice-induced hearing loss"



Episode #3 (recordings coming soon)

Tobias Kleinjung, Switzerland: "Clinical and technical assessment and diagnosis"

Berthold Langguth, Germany: "Psychiatric comorbidities"



Schedule of future episodes


 15 Dec 2021



 Martin Schecklmann

 Derek Hoare

 19 Jan 2022

 Pharmacological Treatment


 Belén Elgoyhen

 Laure Jacquemin/Stefan Schoisswohl

 16 Feb 2022

 Are Hearing Aids Still a Valid Treatment for Tinnitus?

 Sound Stimulation

 Steven Marcrum

 Patrick Neff

 16 Mar 2022

 Pulsatile Tinnitus: Diagnosis and Treatment

 Objective Tinnitus: Diagnosis and Treatment

 Jae Jin Song

 Emmanuel Houdart

 20 Apr 2022

 Somatic Tinnitus

 Bimodal Stimulation

 Sarah Michiels

 Hubert Lim

 18 May 2022

 Evidence Based Medicine

 Alternative Medicine

 Alain Londero

 Deborah Hall


 15 Jun 2022

 TRI International Tinnitus Conference Vancouver




Organising Team (in alphabetical order):

Dirk De Ridder, University of Otago, NZ

Tobias Kleinjung, University Hospital Zurich, CH

Berthold Langguth, University Regensburg, Germany

Alain Londero, l'hôpital Georges Pompidou de Paris, FR

Anusha Mohan, Trinity University Dublin, Ireland

Arnaud  Noreña, Laboratoire de Neurosciences Sensorielles et Cognitives de l'université d'Aix-Marseille, FR

Kristina Neumueller, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany

Axel Schiller, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany

Winny Schlee, University Regensburg, Germany

Raj Shekhawat, Flinders University, Australia

Susanne Staudinger, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany

Ilias Trochidis, Vilabs, Cyprus

Sven Vanneste, Trinity University Dublin, Ireland




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