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The concept of this event is fundamentally different from that of a "conventional" scientific conference. There will be two types of sessions that are both planned to be very interactive: the parallel sessions "this is how I do it" and the interactive A meets B sessions.





thursday, 30. june

9.00 — 10.30
Subjective Tinnitus meets Objective Measurements 

Question: What is the crucial experiment(s)
needed to develop objective measures for tinnitus?

11.00 — 12.30
Classical research design meets
personalized and combinational treatment

Question: Towards systematic research on personalized
and combinational treatments for tinnitus. How to implement
this research correctly?

13.30 — 15.00
Tinnitus Heterogeneity and Dynamic Fluctuations meet
Big Data Analysis

Question: Where can Big Data analysis help to better
understand tinnitus heterogeneity and the temporal dynamics
of tinnitus. What are the limitations?

15.30 — 17.00

„This is how I do it“ parallel sessions

friday, 1. july

9.00 — 10.30
Industry meets Tinnitus Research, 
new innovations meet classical guidelines 

Question: What is needed to make the tinnitus field
more attractive for investors? 

11.00 — 12.30
Tinnitus meets Tinnitus Disorder

Question: What speaks in favor, what against the
current definition of tinnitus disorder? 

13.30 —15.00
COVID meets Tinnitus

Question: What do we really know? Is there a reliable
effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on tinnitus and/or

15.30 — 16.30

„This is how I do it“ parallel sessions



Parallel sessions „this is how I do it“: 

Interactive exchange about practical topics in smaller groups.
You can present e.g. 

  • how you do a specific treatment (tips and tricks)
  • how you do a specific diagnostic procedure or routine
  • a specific tinnitus case and what you have done
     (or you want to discuss what to do)
     15 min per contribution

Interactive A meets B session:

*topic A* meets *topic B*.
Approx. 4 „discussants“ are invited to give a short impulse
statement on *topic A* or *topic B* - to trigger stimulating and
fruitful discussions of all participants. The impulse statements will
look at the topic from different angles.


We thank our sponsors for their kind support of the Tinnitus @ the Lake event


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