We are delighted about your interest in our research work on Tinnitus and we are very honored about your intention to financially support our research efforts.

As you know, tinnitus is an affliction that reaches across all socio-economic barriers, and touches individuals from any ethnic or religious group, and sexual orientation. The Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) is a non-profit international organization dedicated to developing effective treatments for all types of tinnitus. Supported and coordinated by TRI, renowned scientists from all over the world are developing strategies for new therapies with the clear goal to cure Tinnitus.

As a foundation TRI is capable to accept donations. Support from our donors is the key to our success. Donations can be made to our bank account. If you would like to make a donation, please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you our bank details.

You can also conveniently and securely donate online via the Paypal Donation Button:

Upon receipt of the money we will send a donation receipt, which will be accepted by german tax authorities. Whether the donation receipt will be accepted by tax authorities from other european or international countries or not, should be clarified with the authority of the respective country.

For US citizens: Tax deductable donations to TRI via Communities Foundation of Texas

The administrative expenses of TRI are covered by the founder, therefore we can guarantee you, that your donation will exclusively be used to support tinnitus research across borders and disciplines.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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15 Sep
7th International Conference on Hyperacusis and Misophonia
2024-09-15 8:30 am - 2024-09-17 4:30 pm

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15 May
TRI2025 - International Tinnitus Conference in Seoul, Korea
2025-05-15 8:00 am - 2025-05-18 5:00 pm

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