In the following you may find the upcoming tinnitus research conferences and meetings:

2023-06-06 - 2023-06-09
Engineering the Future of Tinnitus - TRI 2023


In the past, the following tinnitus research conferences took place:


LocationMonth & YearLink to DetailsAbtract Book
Taipei, TW May 2019 TRI Conference 2019 All Abstracts of 2019
Regensburg, DE March 2018 TRI Conference 2018 All Abstracts of 2018
Nottingham, UK March 2016 TRI Conference 2016 All Abstracts of 2016
Ann Arbor, USA June 2015 TRI Conference 2015 All Abstracts of 2015
Auckland, New Zealand March 2014 TRI Conference 2014 All Abstracts of 2014
Valencia, Spain May 2013 TRI Conference 2013 All Abstracts of 2013
Bruges, Belgium June 2012 TRI Conference 2012 All Abstracts of 2012
Buffalo, USA October 2011 TRI Conference 2011 All Abstracts of 2011
Dallas, USA June 2010 TRI Conference 2010 All Abstracts of 2010
Stresa, Italy June 2009 TRI Conference 2009 All Abstracts of 2009
Monte Carlo, Monaco July 2007 TRI Conference 2007 All Abstracts of 2007
Regensburg, Germany July 2006 TRI Conference 2006 All Abstracts of 2006

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