Do you have tinnitus and want to participate in research projects on tinnitus? Below is a list of research projects that are currently recruiting.

Are you a researcher and you want to announce a research project that is recruiting patients? Please send an email with the information of your study to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have you wondered whether chronic pain, diabetes or dental problems are somehow related to tinnitus? Or have you noticed that your tinnitus is worse on days when your neck hurts? Take our quick survey to help Tinnitus Hub & Tinnitus Research Initiative better understand physical aspects of tinnitus.


Tinnitus & The Body - Take the Survey


To kick off 2020, Tinnitus Hub (the managing entity of the patient community Tinnitus Talk) has launched a new survey in collaboration with Dr. Winfried Schlee and Dr. Sarah Michiels. The survey focusses on the physical aspects of tinnitus, meaning how tinnitus relates to certain physical ailments and health conditions. The results can provide new clues about neurological triggers for tinnitus and treatment pathways.


Please help move tinnitus research forward. Let’s make this the biggest ever dataset for tinnitus!

Take the Survey →
Take the Survey →

Marie Norman


Im Rahmen einer neuen Studie möchte das Team vom Tinnituszentrum Regensburg herausfinden, welche Einflussfaktoren zur Besserung des Tinnitus beitragen. Dazu verwenden wir eine IOS-App, die den Patienten helfen soll, ihren individuellen Tinnitus und dessen Ursachen besser zu verstehen.

Wenn Sie

- zwischen 18 und 75 Jahre alt sind, - bereits länger als 6 Monate Tinnitus haben, - im Besitz eines Apple iPhones oder IPads sind, - bereit sind, eine App, die außerhalb der Studie noch nicht verfügbar ist, für 4 Monate zu testen,

dann melden Sie sich bitte bis 15. Juni 2019 per E-Mail bei unserer Medizindoktorandin Frau Marie Norman (siehe Bild), die Sie im Rahmen der Studie begleiten und im Umgang mit der App unterstützen wird.


Sie erreichen Frau Norman unter der E-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Weitere Informationen zur Studie entnehmen Sie bitte unserem Flyer.


With the TrackYourTinnitus App you can track your individual tinnitus perception with modern smart phone applications. You can systematically investigate the variation of your tinnitus and find out how it is associated with your daily routine and activities. TrackYourTinnitus is available for Android and iOS devices. The app is free of charge and there are no advertisements. The data will be used for scientific purposes to improve our understanding of the daily variations of tinnitus. 

Find out more here:


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