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Mar 15

Zachary Rosenthal, USA

“Research Investigating Misophonia: What Conclusions Can be Made?”



Hashir Aazh, UK

"How to treat sound sensitivities"


Apr 19


Early Career researchers coffee morning


May 17

Laurence McKenna, UK

"On Tinnitus Self-help"



Hazel Goedhart, NL

"Navigating the tinnitus world - from a patient perspective"




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Episode #12

Winny Schlee, DE: Temporal dynamics of tinnitus - use of apps in the real world

Dimitris Kikidis, GR: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Tinnitus Patients Management: Future is now?


Episode #11

Martin Meyer, CH: Take back control - The pros and cons of EEG-based neurofeedback as a treatment for chronic subjective tinnitus.

Martijn Arns, NL: Clinical use of neurofeedback: a long and winding road...


Episode #10

Timothy Griffiths, UK: Dementia as a disorder of the mind's ear

Will Sedley, UK: Tinnitus and cognition: friends or foes?



Episode #9

Deborah Hall, Malaysia: Scientifically proven to reduce tinnitus”: Examining the evidence behind the claims

Alain Londero, FR: Non-Evidence Based Medicine": pseudoscience, quackery, placebo effect and ethics


Episode #8

Sarah Michiels, Belgium: Somatosensory tinnitus: Can you still see the wood for the trees?

Hubert Lim, USA: From Pavlov's dog to paired stimulation plasticity - Opportunities for treating tinnitus with bimodal neuromodulation


Episode #7

Emmanuel Houdart, France: Pulsatile tinnitus: diagnosis and endovascular treatment

Jae-Jin Song, South Korea: Defusing the time bomb in your head: Preoperative evaluations and surgical treatment of pulsatile tinnitus

Episode #6

Dirk De Ridder, Belgium/New Zealand: Medication for tinnitus and tinnitus disorder: Sisyphus or Tantalus

Patrick Neff, Switzerland: Sound stimulation and therapies: fighting a phantom sound with real sound


Episode #5

Steven Marcrum, Germany: Hearing aids for the treatment of chronic tinnitus: Device- and patient-associated determinants of therapeutic success 

"Shushing the Sizzle: Non-invasive Brain Stimulation in Tinnitus“
Stefan Schoisswohl, Germany: Neurostimulation procedures for the treatment of Tinnitus
Laure Jacquemin, Belgium: tDCS for Tinnitus


Episode #4

Martin Schecklmann, Germany: How to counsel the tinnitus brain - practical considerations

Derek Hoare, UK: CBT - let's change your mind about Tinnitus


Episode #3

Tobias Kleinjung, Switzerland: Clinical and technical assessment and diagnosis

Berthold Langguth, Germany: Psychiatric comorbidities


Episode #2

Sven Vanneste, Ireland: What is buzzing? The systems neuroscience of tinnitus

Arnaud Noreña, France: Changes in the spatio-temporal pattern of spontaneous activity in the auditory cortex of guinea pig after noice-induced hearing loss


Episode #1

Berthold Langguth, Germany: A brain and pain based tinnitus definition

Roshni Biswas, USA: The knowns and unknowns of tinnitus epidemiology


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