Core Administrative Team


Anusha 1


Dr. Anusha Mohan

Academy Director


Laure Jacquemin


Dr. Laure Jacquemin

Media Promotions Director


Kelly Assouly


Kelly Assouly

Media Promotions Officer

Foto Website Milena Engelke  

Milena Engelke

ESR Coordinator




Dr. Stefan Schoisswohl

ESR Coordinator

Stefan is a post-doctoral researcher working at the Center for Neuromodulation of the University of Regensburg and the Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany. His main research interests focus on the effects of short- and long-term application of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in tinnitus as well as its combination with electrophysiological measures in fundamental research. 

Stefan is also part of the UNITI consortium, acting as scientific co-coordinator and deputy leader of the work group responsible for the implementation of an international multi-center clinical trial. 

Staudinger 2020


Susanne Staudinger

Public Relations Director

Susanne has been working for the TRI since 2007 and is responsible for the administrative part of the foundation as well as for coordinating the development of the tinnitus database. 

She takes care of the website and the Facebook account and is the contact person for questions regarding the organization of the international tinnitus conferences.


Ilias Trochidis

Technical Support Director

Ilias is currently a Senior Project Manager at ViLabs, "an SME that acts as both a private research and innovation lab and an innovation center for startups".

Ilias has been actively involved in EU research projects for fourteen years. He holds a BSc degree in Applied Computer Science from the University of Macedonia in Greece and a Master's degree (MSc) in Software Engineering from the University of Sunderland, UK, and has worked as Exploitation Manager in several FP7 and H2020 projects.



Scientific Advisory Team


Prof. Berthold Langguth
Dirk de Ridder Website  
Prof. Dirk De Ridder
sven vanneste  
Prof. Sven Vanneste
 Sarah Michiels  


Prof. Sarah Michiels

 Sedley 240x240  


Prof. William Sedley

winny 2018


Prof. Winfried Schlee

Laure Jacquemin


Dr. Laure Jacquemin

Anusha 1  
Dr. Anusha Mohan



TRI Academy Faculty


Ana Belen Elgoyhen Website                    


Prof. Ana Belén Elgoyhen

 Tobias Kleinjung  


Prof. Tobias Kleinjung

 Photo LONDERO  


Prof. Alain Londero



Prof. Arnaud Noreña




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