Team New ZealandBy Dirk De Ridder

I had the unique privilege to accompany Matteo de Nora, the founder of the Tinnitus Research Initiative, our TRI, in accompanying him on a chase boat for some of Emirates Team New Zealand’s races in the America’s Cup. And while I was thrilled by the sailing, or should I rather say flying, of these vessels, I quickly realized that Emirates Team New Zealand was destined to win, and that this was very good news for the tinnitus community, for multiple reasons.

First, a little explanation. The America’s Cup, affectionally known as the Auld Mug, is the oldest international sporting trophy, dating back to 1851. It is the Formula 1 of sailing, held every 3-4 years, and this time in Auckland, New Zealand, because Emirates Team New Zealand won the previous edition in 2017. And, the winner dictates the rules and the design of the boats for the next challenge.

New Zealand is a very beautiful, tiny country, still covid-free, with 5 million people, very remote, more than 4000 km further than Australia (in a Eurocentric vision). It is known for Lord of the Rings, the Rainbow warrior bombing, its popular prime minister, multiculturalism (Maori and Pacific Islanders, European and Asian), gender equality, the kiwi, its stunning landscapes and sports, especially rugby with its famous All Blacks, and…sailing. Pro capita, New Zealand is one of the most successful Olympic medalist winners.

But why is it important that Emirates Team New Zealand won? Well it is for multiple reasons (read more...)

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