TRI 2023 Dublin

Don't forget to REGISTER for the TRI2023 Tinnitus Conference, 06 - 09 June 2023, in Dublin. The deadline for the regular registration is April 15!

For details on the scientific part of the conference please refer to the final conference program schedule.

Furthermore we are proud to announce that that Robin Guilliard has won the TRI2023 travel award. Robin has been working on tinnitus research for 6 years and was involved in 7 clinical studies and launched 2 startups on tinnitus. His work is focused on aiming to solve tinnitus heterogeneity with machine learning techniques and on trying to understand sleep-related modulations of tinnitus intensity. He is the president of Siopi, a mutual-help community for tinnitus patients of more than 3000 members. He will present his recent work on understanding how naps may modulate tinnitus

It is important to take care of booking accommodation as early as possible, as it can be very expensive. The organizers have negotiated a discount with some hotels that can be booked with the codes given here.

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