winfried schlee 126x150Winfried Schlee received the Award of the Schmieder Foundation 2008 for his dissertation on tinnitus research "Towards a Global Model of Tinnitus Perception: Multiple Evidence for a Long-Range Cortical Tinnitus Network"

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Winner of the "Young Investigator Award" at Biomag 2008
Winfried Schlee received the Young Investigator Award for his excellent presentation of the TRI-funded work about "Directed Coherence in the Resting Tinnitus Brain" during the "International Conference on Biomagnetism" (Biomag). Biomag is the most important specialized meeting in the field of magnetoencephalography (MEG). Therefore this award is a high scientific acknowledgment for Winfried Schlee and his coworkers T. Hartmann, N. Müller, I. Lorenz, S. Dalal and N. Weisz.

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