AG September 2019The term eHealth, short for 'electronic health', describes the use of electronic aids in health care and health research. eHealth technologies can be used in all areas of health care, such as prevention, diagnosis, data processing, monitoring, therapy or aftercare. The use of digital media has never been so topical as it is today.

Over the last few years, TRI has pushed the development of numerous tinnitus apps, mainly initiated by the e-Health working group (chair Winny Schlee) at the University of Regensburg.

Our vision is the profitable use of modern eHealth applications to significantly improve the health care of chronic patients and to accelerate the acquisition of scientific knowledge in clinical research.
Chronic tinnitus serves us as a medical application example. With our research and eHealth developments, we want to contribute to improving the quality of life of tinnitus patients and explore new therapeutic measures. In a further step, the knowledge gained from eHealth solutions will be transferred to other clinical pictures and empirically investigated.
The current projects include:
1) Use of crowdsensing in psychological and medical research
2) Auditory stimulation for the treatment of subjective tinnitus
3) Modern approaches to patient education for chronic diseases
4) An app for end users for screening and advice on the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19
5) Virtual interaction with patients at the Bezirksklinikum Regensburg

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